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jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

Hilary Duff - Fly


I love this song because it is very beautiful and positive, encourages me to move forward with my dreams..
''Forget about the reasons why you cant't in life, and start to try, cause it's your time, TIME TO FLY''

Jobs and Ambitions

A: Firefighter: contributing to the safety and security of lives and property of citizens. are very serious and brave.
B: Dr. : attending to sick patients and help them improve. write rare and almost always kind
C: Violinist: play the violin. knows all the musical notes

D: Police: arrest the criminals and those who doesn´t obey the law. Some of them are serious and do not trust in anybody.
E: Surgeon: The surgeons operate on the persons, are very nice and profecionales.
F: Secretary: They attend to the clients in the offices in general they are very polite and intellectual.
G: Stewardess: They attend to the passengers of the planes, are attentive and speak many languages.

H: Man of business: are always at your desk with your computer, perhaps managing and organizing the papers of the company.

I: Nanny: They take care of the children of a home while their parents cannot, are very enterteining and reliable.
J: Saxophonist: He plays the saxophone to create music, are romantic and should handle well the breathto play.
K: Chef: prepare delicious dishes in restaurants are very cheerful and caring.

L: Airplane pilot: They lead planes all over the world. They are reserved and intelligent.
M: Worker: working in construction, and are punctual and rude.

N: Sportsman: teams train for a sport, are tough and persistent.
O: Ballerina: They dance in a classic and sophisticated way, and simultaneously they exercise her body, are delicate and strong.

Clothing and prices

Vanessa Hugdgens

She is wearing a checked shirt $ 200
The wallet Brown $ 150
High sandals $ 300
Sunglasses $ 90
Bracelets $ 40

Audrina Patridge

She wears a white t-shirt $ 80
CHANEL purse $ 400
Pants $ 200
Sandals $ 100
Sunglasses $ 60

Kim Kardashian

She is wearing a striped soft cloth $ 40
Skirt $ 370
Portfolio $ 278
Sandals $ 300
Necklace $ 500

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011


A. Hey Veronica.
B. Hi, Frank. Come in!
A: Hey, this is a nice apartment.
B: Yeah, and it’s only 400bsf. a moth.
A: Really? That’s not bad! How many rooms are there?
B: There are two bedrooms, two
bathrooms, a living room, several terraces, kitchen, dining room and study
A: Is there a garage?
B: No, but there’s a small yard.
A: That’s great!


Sketches of my house!

I live in a nice apartment with my mom, two bedrooms, two
bathrooms, a living room, several terraces, kitchen, dining room and study.